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The History of Oscoda Plastics®

Oscoda Plastics, Inc®. is an innovative plastic manufacturing company located in Oscoda, Michigan.

Since the company's inception, Oscoda Plastics has created environmentally-friendly products, utilizing excess post-industrial vinyl from the Duro-Last® roofing system manufacturing process and other PVC scrap suppliers. Oscoda Plastics' current product lines include: Duro-Last roofing accessories, PROTECT-ALL® Commercial Flooring and PROFLEX® Vinyl Expansion Joints.

Plastic accessories used by Duro-Last in the single-ply roofing industry are manufactured from PVC, utilizing both injected and extruded processing. These products include: two-way vents, fascia, termination bars, inside and outside edge corners, drip edging, and gravel stops.

PROTECT-ALL Commercial Flooring was created in 1989 and is made in the USA. It is commercial grade, slip-resistant flooring certified by the National Flooring Safety Institute. PROTECT-ALL derives its durability and slip-resistance from the patented process that fuses remnant industrial-strength vinyl together into one monolithic piece. Recommended applications include: building entrances, gymnasiums, weight rooms, locker rooms, industrial kitchens, pool decks, and automotive service garages.

PROFLEX vinyl expansion joints are also manufactured with recycled vinyl and are flexible, durable, and used in a variety of concrete applications.

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