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USGBC Member PROTECT-ALL® Commercial Flooring is the leading recycled vinyl flooring product. PROTECT-ALL was created in 1989 and is made in the USA.

Manufactured by Oscoda Plastics, Inc.®, PROTECT-ALL is durable vinyl flooring and derives its strength and slip-resistance from a patented manufacturing process that fuses remnant industrial-strength vinyl pieces together into one monolithic piece. Vinyl from the roofing and automotive industries is recycled to produce PROTECT-ALL.

Every year, an average of six million pounds of vinyl is recycled to produce PROTECT-ALL Commercial Flooring. Vinyl has long been recognized for its many uses and durability, now we have found a way to recycle it and keep it out of our nation’s landfills.

PROTECT-ALL Commercial Flooring begins its life-cycle from 100% recycled content. In an effort to promote even further environmental responsibility, Oscoda Plastics is proud to offer a "Take Back Program" for post-installation projects.

Clean* PROTECT-ALL remnants and overages can be packaged and shipped back to Oscoda Plastics, Inc.**, where it will be reground and recycled for use in other products.

*Must be free of adhesives, dirt, debris, concrete, and asphalt.
** At own expense.
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